Base64 Decode


# Input Result
1 V2VsY29tZSBXZWJ0b29sc3BvaW50IQ== Welcome WebToolsPoint!
2 V2hhdCBpcyB0aGUgQmFzZTY0IERlY29kZSA/IA== What is the Base64 Decode ?
3 VGhpcyBpcyBleGFtcGxl This is example

What is Base64

Base64 represents binary data in an ASCII string format by converting it to 64,which is a number base. Base64 decode, which is part of the group of binary-text coding schemes, is launched from multipurpose internet mail extension (MIME) content transfer encodings.

Base64 Coding Applications: e-mails, internet applications, hashes, cryptography and certificates.


Why is it important to use Base64?

Base64 encode is a binary code that is very easy to use and takes place in many processes we do. People are not very aware of this code. Applications without this code usually decipher passwords. Base64 decode online should be used  for the absence of such errors and for the applications we use frequently in daily life.


To fully explain the function of Base64, a summary can be written. There are 0 and 1 second moments that we use to transfer between computers. Base64 converter is required to encode the data contained in the computer to another computer. More precisely, some codes are needed to prevent the information from being deciphered. Base64 is one of the best quality codes that have been functioning so far.

Base64 encoding performs the transfer of the smallest information in the most accurate way. This application, which allows the bytes to be copied to bytes, is better than all codes such as ASCII. For example, the ASCII code is adapted for 7-bit characters. In the case of an 8-bit character, it cannot effectively transfer. Besides, it cannot transfer the information completely. In some cases, it has even been shown to cause loss of information.

Base64 encoding is designed just to decode this code and give you the best code experience. Base64 decode even transfers the bytes to bytes. And even the smallest information is not lost during this transfer. All of the information is transmitted completely to the other party.

There are many companies established in the coding world to date and a lot of people developing new things. But the highest quality coding ever developed is base64. In addition, this coding type has become the most used coding type in a short time. Even large companies make their transfers with this coding technique.


How Base64 Works?

Base64, the latest version of encodings, has a very simple algorithm. Every character in this coding technique, which is very simple to use, corresponds to one byte. The largest magnification ever made has been accomplished by ASCII on 8-bit characters. However, Base64 is ahead of all other encodings.

Simply put, Base64 encoding is a 64 character encoding starting from 0 to 63. This coding can be converted to ASCII by sequencing 8 bits, as well as 6 bits. But the best among them are the undisputed byte. The easiest way to explain this is to go through the example.

Now let's say we have characters like abcdefghijklmnoprstuvyzwxqabcdefghijklmnqrsouwqpklhgymdnshyt- / asbv. Base64 encoding gives a value to each character, starting at 0. For example, a corresponds to 0. The letter v corresponds to 63. There are 64 characters in total. And each number means one byte. For example, if we did this encoding over ASCII, abcdefgh would be counted as an 8-bit code. This number could be 7 bits or 6 bits.

The BASE64 Alphabet
Char. Dec. Hex.   Char. Dec. Hex.   Char. Dec. Hex.
A00 W2216 s442C
B11 X2317 t452D
C22 Y2418 u462E
D33 Z2519 v472F
E44 a261A w4830
F55 b271B x4931
G66 c281C y5032
H77 d291D z5133
I88 e301E 05234
J99 f311F 15335
K100A g3220 25436
L110B h3321 35537
M120C i3422 45638
N130D j3523 55739
O140E k3624 6583A
P150F l3725 7593B
Q1610 m3826 8603C
R1711 n3927 9613D
S1812 o4028 +623E
T1913 p4129 /633F
U2014 q422A    
V2115 r432B   

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